Sarah Brightman Dreamchaser

Interview with Sarah Brightman

Earlier this week I interviewed the Sarah Brightman, ex-wife of Andrew Lloyd Webber, the original Christine Daae, the best-selling Soprano of all time – really, the list could go on.

It was a phone interview, and I had to do it at 11.45pm because she was all the way in D.C. which is 12 hours behind Singapore, so that was pretty crazy. But she was incredibly sweet and such a pleasure to talk to.

We spoke about her newly released album, Dreamchaser, where she covers an amazingly diverse group of artistes including Sigur Ros, Paul McCartney, Elbow (see video above) and Sia Furler, and touched a little on her love for space travel, which as many fans would know, she’s going to have a taste of in a couple of years.

I think she’s just such an amazing person. There was a lot of depth to her, and quite a bit of meaning behind each of her album’s songs. But we couldn’t really go very indepth during the interview because, well, to fully discuss her songs and their meanings, we would probably need a few hours.

But she was very helpful in trying to explain her inspirations as best she could while being as concise as possible. Very very sweet lady.

The story came out in The Business Times today, but it’ll be online next week probably, and, as usual, I’ll post the link up here then. So check back next Friday! 🙂

Click on the image below to read the story!

Sarah Brightman Business Times Singapore


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