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Travelshopa cover

Most people know that I write for the Business Times (BT), Singapore but every so often I write for some other people as well. And I always find that there’s something new to learn for each and every project.

As exciting and humbling as writing for BT is, working on something completely new and seeing it come into fruition can be incredibly exhilarating and – dare I say it – fulfilling.

Over the past few weeks I’ve been helping a client out with this new site launch, Travelshopa.

Basically it fills this massive gap in the market that has been around since forever – a directory of Singaporean designers.

Heaven only knows the number of Singaporean designers out there who have been working hard at their crafts and passion only to see it crash and burn – not because there isn’t enough support out there (I don’t see why people would choose international brands over local labels if the designs are just as good, which they are), but because local labels are not as accessible as international ones.

They are mostly found in boutiques peppered all over the island and on the internet, or in multi-label boutiques such as Blackmarket or PARCO next NEXT which are not as conveniently located as, say, your H&M or Zara.

So what Travelshopa does, is that it has a whole hive of local labels that you can easily search for according to: shop location, type of store, category of products (accessories, menswear, furniture etc) and occasion (bridal, formal, casual etc).

Plus, the site comes with a blog that constantly rolls out fashion tips and advice, as well as trends, features and interviews with fashion personalities in Singapore.

For instance, this week we have a piece on Bowties Making a Comeback, Eco-friendly Fashion and Accessories in Singapore and one of Singapore’s most popular designers, Ong Shunmugam’s latest collection, Whenever I Fall At Your Feet at the National Museum of Singapore.

And there’re plenty more features and posts to come! I’m superbly excited for what’s to come and I really hope it does well. You’ve gotta admit: it’s always nice to see support for local designers. And, like I said, I’m really happy I could be a part of it 🙂


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