CrazyWorld Cafe makes a comeback with Table 24

Table 24

WHEN Florence Chua, 33, and Edgar Lim, 32, first set up CrazyWorld Cafe in Chinatown, they had big plans: a cosy space for people to enjoy homey fare and live music by homegrown artistes, buy local crafts and take in photography and art exhibitions all at the same time. That dream turned into a logistical and financial nightmare, and they were forced to close earlier this year.

But not prepared to let their passion die, the husband and wife are taking another stab at it with Table 24 – a food-centric concept that is a restaurant first but which hosts small-scale concerts and events on its rest days.

As luck would have it, an old friend, Richard Lee, 30, had recently returned from a five-year stint as a chef in various fine-dining restaurants in the US – just as they were planning their comeback. Things fell into place. “We could still bring the arts to the table, while Richard could bring his culinary skills,” says Mr Lim. “We agreed that we wanted a style and standard of food similar to fine dining, but at affordable prices, because good food should be accessible to everyone.”

The menu focuses on contemporary American cuisine, a melting pot style that works in Asian and Latin American flavours. Some dishes are relatively unheard of in Singapore, while familiar favourites have been reinterpreted by Chef Lee.

This story first appeared in The Business Times on September 28, 2013. Read the full article here.


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