Revolutionising The Online Fashion World

Hemlines at the Helm

Anyone who thought the Internet was just a “passing phase”, has surely been proving wrong by now. The world wide web has taken over our lives, changing the way we socialise, work and even do business. And that goes for all industries, including, of course, arts and fashion.

But one thing about the Internet that does ring true is its ever-changing nature. New entrepreneurs are always at the ready to gear up and revolutionise the way we use the Internet – and we found three Singapore-based entrepreneurs who are doing just that in the online fashion world.

Meet sisters Denise Palladino and Dianne Conti, Georgina Soh and Renee Lodens, who have each set up their own fashion e-commerce sites that are set to take the online fashion world by storm.

Ms Palladino and Ms Conti have set up Singapore’s first large-scale preloved luxury fashion store, Ms Soh intends to be the first to break into the Shanghai market with local and regional emerging designers, while Ms Lodens has come up with Singapore’s first online directory for local fashion designers.

Read their personal profiles on the BT website to find out more about their inspiring stories behind each exciting entrepreneurship.


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