Who am I?

News Editor with a specialised focus in helping newsrooms adapt to the digital world. I make data-based decisions to create and optimise content that resonate with an online audience. With journalism and agency experience, I have a uniquely hybrid set of skills that makes me an asset to the newsroom of today. This site serves as a portfolio of sorts, listing some works I remember most fondly.

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2021 Highlights

A selection of works I wrote for AsianInvestor in 2021:

Award-nominated multimedia piece: How to fill in the ESG pitfalls of cryptocurrencies

Apple Daily’s closure: How Hong Kong’s eroding press freedom will affect its investing appeal

Gender equality: Why are there still so few women-led asset managers?

Gender equality: Asset owners can push harder for gender parity in listed companies

Family Offices and ESG part 1: Family offices taking ESG into their own hands as regulators play catch up

Family Offices and ESG part 2: Family offices blend impact investing with philanthropy

Australia’s superannuation industry

Scoop: AustralianSuper opens NYC office after Covid delay

Scoop: Aware Super to hire 70 into investment team

Exclusive interview with State Super: State Super’s alternatives makeup shifts towards private debt

Exclusive interview with Future Fund CIO: Future Fund sees inflation, market fragility and rising rules as key investing risks

Super mergers: What the superannuation industry will look like in a few years

Regulations: How Australia’s new rules could jeopardise ESG efforts

Budget: Australia budget positive for returns, but not superannuation gender gap

Women’s rights in China

Gender equality and representation is something I care deeply for – not only to make sure that women voices were heard, but also that they are portrayed in an empathetic, non-condescending way. It is a constant mission for me in the newsroom to empower women, whether it is business leaders, the everyday woman on the street, or our ever-inspiring and gifted journalists.

Chinese single women learning to love the solo lifestyle, independence, and focusing on their self-worth

Period poverty in China and how one group of girls aims to end it – a school at a time

School in China removes poster warning that teen sex leads to stupid children

China court upholds landmark #MeToo sexual harassment verdict

Chinese university reviews controversial decision to allow rapist to stay on campus ‘under observation’

Gender equality in China, from birth ratio to politics and unpaid care work, still has a long way to go: report

The hit Chinese TV reality show inspiring women to make waves

Chinese girls’ education charity apologises after it is found giving funding to boys

LGBT rights in China

Chinese activist to appeal case against publisher of homophobic textbook

China’s LGBT activists step up push for gay marriage after official rejects change

China’s LGBT parents find family and joy through surrogacy

Chinese dancer’s wedding photos revive same-sex marriage debate

Teacher reveals high price of coming out as gay in China

Shanghai Pride cancelled after 11 years in blow to China’s LGBT community

Women during the Covid-19 pandemic in China

All over the world, women seemed to suffer disproportionately to men as a result of lockdowns, household responsibilities and, in some cases, domestic violence. China was no different.

Female frontline workers in China typical of coronavirus economic and domestic burden on women: report

Coronavirus: how being forced together is tearing couples apart

Chinese state media ‘humiliating’ women nurses in coronavirus propaganda campaign

In the firing line: the women in China’s war on the coronavirus

Offbeat coronavirus stories in China

As the team was inundated with coronavirus stories from every direction, it became a real struggle to uncover people and angles that had not been covered before. These were a few I am proud of.

‘It was like waiting for death’: normal life still a distance for Wuhan coronavirus survivors

As Wuhan comes out of lockdown many are asking: where is Auntie Xiong and her delicious street food?

Behind the masks: the volunteers giving everything in the coronavirus crisis

‘Still fearful’: Wuhan struggles to recover after coronavirus lockdown

As China’s coronavirus checks get stricter, fugitives turn themselves in

Spain’s Chinese community’s fight against coronavirus and xenophobia started weeks before lockdown

Animal Rights in China

As a dog owner and animal lover, it felt very personal and important to me to break the stereotypes people had of Chinese people being dog eaters. Dog meat is eaten by a very small percentage of people in China. Even in Yulin, where the infamous dog meat festival is held, only about 12% of people consume canines regularly. Among China’s 1.4 billion population, the percentage is far far lower.

4,000 dogs, cats, rabbits and other pets found dead in boxes at logistics depot in China

Chinese dog meat festival set to open despite coronavirus pandemic and pushback from animal activists

Dogs are pets, not food, says Chinese agriculture ministry

Chinese city of Shenzhen to ban eating cats and dogs as part of moves to stop spread of coronavirus

Shenzhen’s move to ban eating cats and dogs welcomed by animal rights activists

Live coverage of the floods in China 2020

I will not presume to take credit for this coverage. Everything was done by the amazing reporter who braved the rain and floods to provide on-ground coverage. But I will say that I enjoyed working through the copy and discovering these fascinating stories through her eyes.

In one piece, she walked the reader through a rescue mission on a boat as firefighters raced to save stranded townspeople.

Covid-19 and now floods: Wuhan, first epicentre of the pandemic, braces again

Saved from the floodwaters: Chinese village in path of Yangtze deluge

Sleepless nights on China’s dykes as floods hit 34 million people

Yangtze flood passes peak in eastern China but no time to relax

China floods: rural areas plea for migrant workers to return home and fight deluge

Misfortune piles up as floods hit China’s delicate porcelain industry

Explainers: China floods 2020, China-India border dispute, South China Sea, Coronavirus in China

A series of explainers borne out of SEO keyword research, close teamwork with reporters, subeditors and keyword specialists, and plain old news judgement.

The China-India border dispute: its origins and impact

Why are Indian and Chinese soldiers fighting with fists, sticks and rocks?

Why are the floods so severe in China this year?

South China Sea: the dispute that could start a military conflict

China’s deal with the Catholic church: ‘sell-out’ or pathway to better relations?

Some Covid-19 China explainers:

What you need to know about the coronavirus and how to protect yourself against Covid-19

Coronavirus: no easy way out of pandemic, even with a vaccine, experts say

Coronavirus: why do ‘recovered’ patients test positive again?

Coronavirus clusters across the world