Women’s rights in China

Gender equality and representation is something I care deeply for – not only to make sure that women voices were heard, but also that they are portrayed in an empathetic, non-condescending way. It is a constant mission for me in the newsroom to empower women, whether it is business leaders, the everyday woman on the street, or our ever-inspiring and gifted journalists.

Chinese single women learning to love the solo lifestyle, independence, and focusing on their self-worth

Period poverty in China and how one group of girls aims to end it – a school at a time

School in China removes poster warning that teen sex leads to stupid children

China court upholds landmark #MeToo sexual harassment verdict

Chinese university reviews controversial decision to allow rapist to stay on campus ‘under observation’

Gender equality in China, from birth ratio to politics and unpaid care work, still has a long way to go: report

The hit Chinese TV reality show inspiring women to make waves

Chinese girls’ education charity apologises after it is found giving funding to boys

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