Live coverage of the floods in China 2020

I will not presume to take credit for this coverage. Everything was done by the amazing reporter who braved the rain and floods to provide on-ground coverage. But I will say that I enjoyed working through the copy and discovering these fascinating stories through her eyes.

In one piece, she walked the reader through a rescue mission on a boat as firefighters raced to save stranded townspeople.

Covid-19 and now floods: Wuhan, first epicentre of the pandemic, braces again

Saved from the floodwaters: Chinese village in path of Yangtze deluge

Sleepless nights on China’s dykes as floods hit 34 million people

Yangtze flood passes peak in eastern China but no time to relax

China floods: rural areas plea for migrant workers to return home and fight deluge

Misfortune piles up as floods hit China’s delicate porcelain industry

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